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What Happens with Cavities Between Your Teeth?

added on: September 3, 2021

When you don’t floss, you can easily and quickly develop cavities between your teeth. This ends up being cavities in both teeth that surround the gap, and it can lead to a very deep level of damage.

Both teeth decay, and the gum tissue between the teeth also begins to die. This is one of the biggest problems with forgetting to floss.


By flossing each day, you can get a lot of debris out of your mouth. This can help you avoid issues where you get cavities between your teeth in many circumstances. If you brush, then floss, then rinse with a good-quality mouthwash, you can get much of the debris out of your mouth, then out into the sink when you spit out the mouthwash.

Getting cavities between your teeth is the direct result of foods getting stuck between your teeth that the bacteria could feed on. This allowed for decay to form on either side of that gap, and both teeth to become involved. This often happens in back teeth where it is hard to see anything between the teeth, and hard to floss, but it can happen between any two teeth in the mouth.

If you struggle to get the areas between your teeth clean, seek out advice from your dentist. They know all the tips and tricks around to be able to get your teeth as clean as possible.

They can show you how to floss better, how to hold your brush to get the most debris out of your mouth, and even different ways to swish around your mouthwash to help loosen any debris that may be stuck between your teeth. If you believe you may have cavities between some of your teeth, make sure to contact our office about that, too.

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