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University Dental Group in Coral Gables

Advanced Coral Gables Dental Technology

Innovation that Benefits You

University Dental Group uses advanced dental technology to ensure that our Pinecrest patients are treated in comfort and style.

A dental technician works to design safe reconstructive services using dental devices, such as bridges, crowns, partial and full dentures, veneers, ceramics, implants, and orthodontic appliances like Invisalign.

The cost of these services that use these devices varies depending on the time commitment, amount of work, and types of materials that go into the procedure.

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Investment in Advanced Technology

We pride ourselves on utilizing the best in Coral Gables dental technology at University Dental Group. Dental technology can involve a variety of oral health professionals including dental technicians, lab scientists, materials scientists who specialize in metals called metallurgists, and other compound specialists. They work to recreate dental anatomy and fix issues caused by accidents, disease, or other alterations. Most educational programs require two years of study in order to receive an associate degree in dental technology, and these professionals are taught to be experts in creating dental restorations or other dental fixtures and appliances to improve the look and functionality of your smile.

What Dental Tech is Available at University Dental Group?

Much like other medical professions, the field of dental technology changes rapidly based on new advances in oral health techniques. These advances help patients keep their teeth longer, therefore, saving them from further complications as well as saving them money in the future. University Dental Group utilizes dental cone beam computed tomography (CT) to assist in the installation of dental implants to produce three-dimensional images of a patient’s teeth as surrounding structures. We are also one of the first dental practices in the Pinecrest and South Miami area to use an iTero Digital Impressions scanner to digitally capture the structure of a patient’s teeth and gums to render a 3D impression of your teeth and gums for pre-treatment records and to fabricate certain dental appliances.