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Tired of typing “dental office near me” into the search bar and hoping for the best?

During your first visit to University Dental Group, our talented team of Coral Gables dental health professionals takes their time to get to know each patient over the phone before you commit to coming into the office.

Once you set up an appointment, a dental assistant will greet you and collect a bit of medical and treatment history, as well as, general information to relay to the dentist.

Since there is no sense of urgency with the first visit, the doctor will then come into the treatment room and start getting to know you while performing a thorough dental evaluation that’s preferably paired with a dental hygiene visit.

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Amenities & Comforts

University Dental Group offers a range of comforts and amenities to our patients to make dentistry in Coral Gables and South Miami more enjoyable for the entire family.

Computers in every treatment room allow our talented team to have convenient access to information regarding your dental health treatment plan.

There are also TVs in our treatment rooms to display x-rays and allow patients to take their minds off their treatment. Our office also features wheelchair-accessible elevators and bathrooms for the convenience of our patients.

Other comforts such as neck pillows, lip balm, hygiene bags, bottled water, and in-office movies will make you feel right at home.

Payment Options & Insurance

If you need assistance determining the insurance coverage available to you, University Dental Group is here to help.

By submitting your insurance information with your New Patient Paperwork a minimum of two business days before your appointment, we’ll have adequate time to reach out to your insurance company for a benefit breakdown.

Our helpful team will provide you with a detailed dental healthcare plan to give you an estimate of how much will be covered by your insurance company for each procedure and how much you can expect to pay out of pocket.

Our patients have the option to pay for a portion upfront, and existing patients get 10% off of all treatments.

We accept all major credit cards and have limited insurance participation.

For more information about our in-office dental savings plan, discounts for students of the University of Miami, and Care Credit, call or email us today!

UDG Membership Plan

Dr. Morales and Dr. Garcia firmly believe that your financial status should never dictate whether you can access quality dental care. That is why they offer their patients the University Dental Group Membership Plan. While this is not an insurance plan, it does give our patients access to hygiene and periodontal appointments, yearly dental exams, and other necessary care to maintain their oral health. For questions about our plan or how to sign up, please download our PDF below and speak with one of our caring team members!

Download Our Membership Plan Guidelines

New Patient Forms

Filling out new patient forms and beginning with quality dentistry in Coral Gables is made easy with University Dental Group.

If you need any assistance filling out these forms, don’t hesitate to reach out.


Welcome Letter from Dr. Richard Morales
Medical History
Financial Policies
Notice of Privacy Practices (For Your Information Only)
Acknowledgement of Privacy Practices
Consent for Disclosure of Health Information