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Coral Gables TMJ Therapy

Alleviate Pain with TMJ and TMD Therapy

Do you find yourself having issues chewing? Are you experiencing tooth pain, joint crackling, headaches, frequent joint locking, or muscle spasms? These issues and more can be a sign of problems with your TMJ.

Though there are several treatments in Pinecrest and South Miami that may be used in order to treat TMJ pain, certain medications, mouth guards, physical therapy, and proper self-care can help alleviate discomfort.

There are also some relaxation techniques that can help patients manage their stress levels, therefore, lessening the strain on their TMJ. Using a splint can also help protect and stabilize the joint.

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What is TMJ?

Also referred to as TMD, TMJ, or TMJ syndrome, temporomandibular joint dysfunction can be characterized by issues moving the joints in the jaw and the surrounding muscles. The TMJ works by acting as a sliding hinge connecting a patient’s jawbone to your skull. TMJ-related dysfunction can lead to chronic pain in the patient’s jaw, mouth, ear, or face, difficulty chewing food, discomfort, and a clicking and locking feeling in the jaw. TMJ issues are often easy to diagnose from home, but even so, the University Dental Group team suggests seeking out medical attention to receive the proper care before symptoms progress any further.

What Symptoms Can I Expect?

Some symptoms of TMJ can arise as a result of structural problems with the jaw, joint erosion, arthritis, and grinding and clenching one’s teeth. Poor posture causing strain on the muscles of the neck and face, maintaining an unhealthy diet, being stressed for an extended period of time, or a lack of sleep can also impact TMJ issues. Your dentist may observe your jaw’s range of motion, feel your jaw, or listen to the sounds made when opening and closing your mouth to diagnose the issue.