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The Benefits of Chewing Peppermint Gum

added on: September 3, 2021

Gum is often considered to be the best option when you are unable to brush right away after eating. It can be sugarless, and it doesn’t sit on your teeth the way that a mint would. So what type of gum should you be chewing?

The consensus is that if you are going to chew gum, you should stick with peppermint. If you want to figure out the benefits of making sure your gum has a peppermint flavor, read on!


Peppermint is a wonderful mint to add into your body. It has natural anti-bacterial properties, which allows you to keep your mouth healthier after eating, among other parts of your body. By chewing peppermint gum, you are keeping the bacteria from anything you ate from eating its way into the small crevices in your teeth.

Chewing gum on its own increases how much saliva you produce, so you are keeping the bacteria away from your teeth and quickly washing them down. Plus, with the fact that the gum is tacky, you are also pulling any small particles of food left behind, out of your teeth. This allows your teeth to remain healthier, and you to be a little less likely to develop tooth decay, all because of the choice of gum you opt to go with.

It is always best to brush as soon as you are able after completing any meal or snack, but when you can’t, quickly chew up a piece of gum. Keep a pack of peppermint gum in your purse, backpack, or briefcase so that you always have access to the benefits that peppermint provides, and keep your mouth as healthy as possible. You also swallow the peppermint, so the benefits are extending beyond your mouth – extra bonus!

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