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Bone Broth Helps to Repair Your Teeth

added on: September 3, 2021

Some foods are known to be bad for your teeth, like candy, taffy, and sugar in general, but there are also some foods that are really good for your teeth. Eating natural foods that are not high in sugar is a good start, but some foods actually help rebuild your teeth when they are not in perfect shape.

Bone broth is one of those foods. If you eat meats as a regular part of your diet, then you may want to consider adding this broth into the rotation just a little bit more often than you would otherwise eat it.


Bone broth allows your body to absorb the important nutrients from within the bones of the meats you are already eating. The broth is simply made by putting bones in water and boiling.

From there, you can drink it from a mug, eat it like a soup, or use it as a base for the rest of the meals you make for the week. Having homemade broth not only helps you control what you eat, but also tastes better than the boxed stuff! If you want your body to be able to heal the most with bone broth as part of your regular diet, make sure you also get extra vitamin D (sunlight) to help boost absorption.

Most people make the automatic assumption that a cavity is just that – a hole left in your tooth to do nothing more than sit there, collect food, and rot further. However, there is some evidence that teeth can rebuild themselves to some degree with the right types of foods, just like a bone would if it broke. Add a bit of bone broth to your regular diet and see what happens to your teeth. What do you have to lose besides a cavity or two?

Please contact us if you have any questions about bone broths effect on your oral health.

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