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Family Dentistry Coral Gables

Family dentistry addresses dental health at each stage of life. Kids have completely different dentistry requirements compared to adults, and qualified family dentists provide thorough dental care from infant’s teeth to permanent ones. Just like general dentistry, family dentistry is actually focused on the overall health of your teeth and dental hygiene, as well. Nevertheless, family dentists concentrate on the special requirements of children of all ages. They usually focus on areas such as regular cleanings and discovering and filling cavities. Although it’s true that the first teeth will be replaced with permanent ones, it’s still important for children to be familiar with good oral health habits. University Dental Group provides caring, gentle, and comprehensive family dentistry in Coral Gables for you and your loved ones.

At University Dental Group, we are recognized as the top-rated dental center that provides thorough and effective family dentistry in Coral Gables, and throughout the entire region. With over twenty years in business, along with decades of combined professional experience and know-how, we understand that every member of your family has their own unique requirements when it comes to their dental needs. We also are fully aware that children visiting us for the first few times may be apprehensive and frightened with the thought of seeing the dentist. This is why our entire staff is well trained and accustomed to addressing these issues and making your child feel safe and comfortable.

As children grow older we continue to treat them, typically two times a year, for cleanings, as well as to instruct boys and girls on the way to take care of their teeth. We are here in order to assist parents to convey the benefits of two times everyday brushing and to get young children to remember why and how they have to floss every single day. Instilling these habits early on in life has been proven to increase the chances of a lifetime of great oral health, which can also benefit their general overall healthiness, as well. Our main objective for adults is to maintain the best health and appearance for your smile.

Kids have completely different dentistry requirements than grownups. Thus, it is practical to have your kids go to a dental professional who’s conscious of the requirements and is experienced working with kids. In contrast to a pediatric dentist, who specializes in kids, a family dental professional care for dental health at all stages of life. This suggests that you and your kids are able to visit the same dentists. We can also care for the children’s teeth as they develop to adulthood, indicating they won’t ever have to change dentists.

If you would like to learn more regarding the best family dentistry in Coral Gables, University Dental Group invites you to speak with us today. You can quickly and easily schedule your next appointment, complete a new patient form, or even make a payment. You can also simply call us and speak with one of our caring and professional associates.