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Reasons Why You Need Regular Dental Checkups

A lot of people find it very difficult to visit a dentist at least once every six months. However, visiting a dentist regularly is very important, especially if you want to maintain optimum health. Most people tend to avoid dental care for several reasons. The cost of dental care is one of the major reasons why people keep avoiding dentists. But the effect of not having a regular dental checkup can cost you more compared to when you visit dentists in Coral Gables regularly. Here are some of the reasons why you need regular dental checkups.


Oral cancer can be very dangerous if not detected early. This kind of disease can easily be identified if you go for regular check-ups, and early diagnosis can easily be treated. Dentists in Coral Gables are professionals trained to detect signs and symptoms of such disease. There are diseases you can’t discover by yourself, but the dentist is capable of noticing such diseases. As an individual, you need regular dental checkups to stay healthy and strong.

Diseases of the Gum

Infections can also occur in the gum. These disorders are caused by the buildup of plagues and tartar which can be disastrous to the tissues of the gum; this could eventually pull the teeth away from the gum. This type of disease is what dentists in Coral Gables refer to as Gingivitis, as the condition evolves to the gum; it causes breakage in the tooth. At this point, it is said that one has a disease of the gum. The following symptoms of this type of infection are soreness, bleeding, and swelling in the mouth. This condition can also lead to the pulling away of teeth. All this can be avoided if there is a regular dental checkup being carried out by a professional dentist.

Bad Habits

Some bad habits individuals practice are harmful to the health of their teeth. They include smoking, jaw clenching, ice chewing, nail-biting, teeth grinding, eating hard sweets, and brushing with a hard toothbrush. When regular checkups are done, the dentists can detect problems caused by such lousy habits and give you specific direction on what to do. Usually, you may not recognize such problems when you keep avoiding dental care. Your regular visit to a dentist enables you to be aware of any problem you may be encountering with such a habit and have possible ways of fixing it.


It’s not just your body that requires an x-ray, your teeth also need to be x-rayed. A regular visit to the dentist gives you the opportunity to also have a teeth x-ray. There may be problems beneath the teeth surface that can’t be seen with the eye, but with the help of these machines, a dentist can detect any possible problem underneath your teeth. Examples of such issues are wisdom teeth, decay of the bone, and teeth tumors. All of these problems can be prevented or cured if you can have time to visit the dentist every 6 months.