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Dental Implants Coral Gables

Dental implants are actually synthetic tooth roots that provide a permanent base for fixed, replacement teeth. Compared to dentures, crowns, and bridges, dental implants are a favorite, as well as a highly effective long-term answer for individuals who suffer from missing teeth, failing teeth, or perhaps persistent dental issues. Since they fit, feel, as well as perform similar to natural teeth, dental implants are rapidly developing into the new standard for teeth replacement. You are able to make use of dental implants to replace a single tooth, numerous teeth, or even a complete upper and/or lower set of teeth, or both. If you have been considering dental implants in Coral Gables, University Dental Group can provide you with a stunningly beautiful new smile.

At University Dental Group, we are referred to as the leading dental clinic that offers many treatments and procedures for your oral health and overall general health, as well. If you are interested in cosmetic procedures, such as bonding, teeth whitening, or even dental implants in Coral Gables, we have the professional expertise and the skills and knowledge required to attend to any type of procedure like these. We are also a family dental practice, which means that you and your entire family can receive cleanings, fillings, root canals, and more. Many families feel more comfortable having a dental clinic that the entire family can visit.

Dental implants are designed to last, which makes them your best long-term, cost-effective answer. Standard, tooth-supported dentistry bridges just last 5 to 7 years, and with appropriate care sometimes over ten years, but at some point they might have to be replaced. Those expenses may actually add up as time passes. While tooth implants might need routine adjustments, they are able to last a lifetime when correctly positioned and cared for over time by our dental implant professional. Many people believe that dental implants are too costly, so they choose other options. The fact is, they are extremely cost-effective when you consider the other choices available.

There’s no reason for you to remain home or maybe feel uncomfortable in public, or embarrassed since your smile appears different, and worry that missing teeth will limit your ability to go out and join in the fun. And you definitely do not have to be concerned as you would with removable dentures or supported replacement teeth that might loosen or even fall out if you talk, eat or even laugh. It’s time for you to take control of your future because life is short and there’s no reason not to live it to the fullest.

If you would like some additional information regarding the advantages of having dental implants in Coral Gables, University Dental Group would like to invite you to speak with us today. You can schedule your next appointment, make a payment, or even fill out a new patient form, quickly and easily. You can also call us and speak with one of our friendly and caring associates.