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Why Does My Tooth Still Hurt after a Filling?

added on: September 3, 2021

You had your appointment to have a filling in order to treat your cavity, and a few days or even a week has gone by. So, why does your tooth still hurt?

In the past, your discomfort has gone away relatively quickly, so why might this filling be different?


Fillings are used to replace a portion of your tooth that has decayed. This prevents further decay and damage of the tooth, but it also helps to reduce the pain that is associated with the cavity. Unfortunately, experiencing some tooth pain after having a filling and longer than the anticipated recovering period is fairly common, and causes may include:

Tooth sensitivity. Teeth that just had fillings put into them can be more sensitive to cold and hot foods than the rest of your teeth.
Physical changes. If the filling doesn’t fit properly, or if it develops a crack, you might experience tooth pain after your cavity has been put in.
Allergic reactions. If you are allergic to the material that was used in your filling, such as one of the metals included in a silver filling, you might experience tooth pain. Make sure your dentist knows about any allergies before your procedure so that you can select the right filling material.



If you are concerned about experiencing tooth pain after a filling, there are ways that you can potentially avoid it. Stay away from some of the most common triggers of tooth sensitivity, including foods that are very cold or hot. You can also avoid habits that might damage your teeth and fillings to cause structural problems, such as chewing on ice or pens or using your teeth as tools.

If your tooth is still painful several days after having a filling put into place, please call our office today to set up an appointment.

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