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Dental Crown Coral Gables

If you want a dazzling smile you can be proud of, you might need to have a crown to cover a tooth to help you restore it to its regular shape and size. A crown is able to make your tooth stronger and enhance its look. Crowns can additionally be utilized to connect bridges, protect a sensitive tooth from breaking or perhaps restore one that is currently broken. A crown is an excellent method to cover teeth that are discolored or perhaps poorly shaped. It is likewise utilized to cover a tooth implant. If you require a dental crown in Coral Gables, University Dental Group offers affordable and comprehensive dental services for you and your entire family.

At University Dental Group, we are recognized as the number one rated dental clinic that provides general dental services, along with cosmetic dentistry, as well. So, if you require a dental crown in Coral Gables, teeth whitening, a filling, or any other type of care, you can trust that we have the professional expertise, along with state-of-the-art technology that will provide you with a good experience during your visit. We also offer extended hours during the work-week, because we are aware of your busy lifestyle, and the fact that we all don’t adhere to the same schedules. We are also happy to announce that we are currently accepting new patients at this time.
Before it’s determined that you need a tooth crown to recover your tooth, our dental professional is going to perform a comprehensive analysis of your overall dental health to ensure that you would benefit from a less invasive procedure. As soon as we’ve made the decision that a dental crown is going to be utilized to recover a tooth, the initial step is preparing the tooth that’s receiving the crown, and then the second step is in positioning it. In order to discover the strength of the tooth that’s receiving the crown, our dental professional will initially take x rays to look at the roots of the teeth, along with the encompassing bone.

Following the x rays, the tooth is now prepared by lessening the tooth structure to make room for the crown. The quantity of tooth structure the dentist eliminates is dependent on the scope of damage and also the substance being used, either porcelain or gold. Immediately after the tooth is actually reshaped, an impression of it is going to be made to make certain the restoration is actually useful and guarantees a good bite. The new restoration is going to be examined for color, appearance and fit, to confirm the correct oral health and functionality.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of a dental crown in Coral Gables, University Dental Group would like to invite you to speak with us today. If you’re a new patient, you may be your process here, as well, or please call us and speak with one of our friendly and caring associates.