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Bone Grafting Might Be the Way To Go

If part of a patient’s jaw has suffered from bone loss or additional support is needed, a dentist might perform a dental bone graft. During this procedure, the bone may be taken from other parts of the body and surgically fused to the remaining bone in the jaw. There are various types of dental bone grafts:

  • Allografts involve bone from another person
  • Autografts involve bone from parts of a patient’s body like the hip or jaw
  • Alloplasts use synthetic, bone-like material
  • Xenografts involve bone from animals like coral, cows, or pigs

Why Do I Need Bone Grafts?

Dental bone grafts are usually performed if a patient is suffering from a condition that can cause bone loss in the jaw, such as gum disease or losing one or more of their adult teeth. Bone loss can have an impact on nearby teeth and lead to long-term complications or facial deformation. Though there are several methods for dental bone grafting, autografts are usually the preferred method since they promote new bone formation and faster healing by increasing bone support in the jaw. Patients preparing to receive dental implants may also be candidates for dental bone grafts to strengthen the jaw and ensure the implants are secure.

What Are the Benefits of Bone Grafting?

While dental bone grafts can help maintain the overall appearance of a patient’s teeth and face, they offer a variety of other benefits. Some of those benefits include:

  • Preventing bone loss by strengthening the jawbone
  • Providing extra support for both a patient’s natural teeth and teeth implants
  • Mechanically preventing surrounding tissue from collapsing during healing and integration
  • Helping patients feel more confident in the appearance and structure of their face
  • Maintaining proper functionality of the teeth, jaw, and other parts of the face
  • Correcting issues caused by sinus deficiency, tumors, bacterial infections in the jawbone, facial trauma, injury, or misalignment