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Coral Gables Mouthguards

Protect Your Teeth With Mouthguards

Dental mouth guards, which are also called mouth protectors, can play a vital role in preventing injuries to your face and mouth and are especially important for athletes who run the risk of getting hit in the face leading to trauma to the teeth. To learn more about if a dental mouth guard might be the right choice for you, continue reading to learn about the other benefits they can provide and how they can help keep your smile healthy and pristine.

Mouthguards for Sport

Though sports such as boxing and football put you at a higher risk for damage to the mouth, jaw, and surrounding areas, athletes can also experience dental injuries in non-contact sports such as gymnastics and roller skating. While mouth guards such as the boil and bite can be purchased at many sporting goods and drug stores and may offer a better fit than a lot of stock mouth protectors, it may still be wise to visit the talented team at University Dental Group for additional assistance. Protecting your teeth from damage during physical activities can help you avoid tooth loss in the future.

Mouthguards for Bruxism

Bruxism is an oral condition in which a patient gnashes, grinds, or clenches their teeth. Unconsciously clenching your teeth when you’re awake is referred to as awake bruxism, and clenching or grinding your teeth while you’re asleep is called sleep bruxism This condition can impact both adults and children and can result in symptoms such as jaw pain, headaches, tooth pain, and other dental problems. Children who suffer from bruxism often improve on their own, but adults may require dental mouth guards to help protect their teeth from further damage. Maintaining the health of your teeth through the use of a mouth protector can better your overall health and improve your confidence in your smile.