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Coral Gables Fluoride Treatments

Restore Tooth Enamel with Fluoride Treatment

There are a variety of benefits that our Coral Gables dental patients can receive from using fluoride. It can provide extra strength to your teeth while also improving the look of your smile. While fluoride is found naturally in water, plants, air, rocks, and soil, it is also present in a variety of products, including, supplements, mouth rinses, and various toothpaste. To learn more about how to maintain proper oral health in Pinecrest., read more about what fluoride can do for you.

Benefits of Fluoride

According to a trusted source from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the average number of missing or decaying teeth in American children at the age of 12 has dropped by 68% since the late 1960s. Fluoride offers a range of beneficial effects including:

  • Strengthening and rebuilding weakened tooth enamel
  • Reversing early signs of tooth decay which can lead to tooth loss
  • Slowing down the process of demineralization in which mineral loss occurs in one’s tooth enamel
  • Preventing harmful bacteria that can produce acids that eat away at the tooth enamel from growing in the mouth

How Fluoride Treatments Tie Into Oral Health

As an effective way of preventing your teeth from demineralization leading to tooth decay, regular fluoride treatments are imperative to protecting your teeth and keeping your mouth and surrounding areas healthy and bright. Though fluoride is already part of your bones and teeth and is also in public water supplies in the U.S. and other countries in small amounts, additional fluoride treatments provide an extra layer of protection. When included as part of a comprehensive dental health routine, fluoride treatments can be the difference between a slew of oral health issues and the ability to enjoy your smile to the fullest.