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Richard Morales

1430 S Dixie Hwy, Suite 312
Coral Gables, FL 33146
Call 305-661-8240
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What Our Patients Are Saying

Beth Kaiser - Miami, FL
"Dr. Morales has been my ‘go to’ dentist for everything from fillings, cleanings & regular dental maintenance, to difficult crown work and of late, 2 beautiful implants!!! I love and adore the man! He is the consummate professional with an ease about him and a great sense of humor! Our friendship has grown over the last couple of decades, I feel as though I know his entire family; that being said, I’m a blessed woman! My twins and extended family and friends as well.

I have had a lot of deterioration as a result of living with undiagnosed Celiac disease for 5 decades, the issues in my mouth have been exacerbated by the assault of the disease on my mouth and all organ systems. My teeth have been falling apart for 30 years now and I finally required 2 dental implants after snapping the crown buildups off well inside the gum line! Dr. Morales has been working to achieve his knowledge and expertise in the implant arena and to add this specialty to his practice, just in time for my implant journey.

As a patient who was amongst the first to do this work with him, I am thrilled and overjoyed with the entire process and the final results!!! This was easy, painless, there was a bit of awareness of the area, however the issues were gone within 36 hours! My two implants are pretty, strong and a breeze to floss around and keep clean! They look just like they were always there! The process is about a year in total, it does however, go very quickly.

Dr. Richard Morales is a very experienced, delicate handed, master of all things dental!!! So delighted that implants have been added to his broad-based successful dental practice!!! University Dental Group rocks!!!

Without hesitation, if you are considering doing any dental work, Dr. Richard Morales is a caring dentist whose training and experience cannot be questions! He is my choice for all my and my family’s dental needs. I love all his staff and office personnel too! Always a pleasure to see them all!!! With eternal thanks and gratitude."

Edmundo Perez de Cobos - Coral Gables, FL
June 9th, 2015
"My Definition of Dr. Morales:
•  Outstanding Professional.
•  Great ability to listen and understand patients&rsquo
•  needs and concerns.
•  Takes time to explain different alternatives to accomplish objectives.
•  Ethical treatment in all respects including fees.
•  A soothing and gentleman-like personality.

In summary, I can say that Dr. Morales is an extremely well-rounded individual from professional, ethical and personal points of view.

In addition to the U.S., which is my home, I have had the privilege of living in different foreign companies during my tenure with a global company. During this time I had extensive dental work done and had the fortune to meet some excellent professionals in the dental practice; however, I can easily state that Dr. Morales is the best dentist I have come to know.

I was referred to him by a friend who also had extensive work done and described the extent to which Dr. Morales had gone to ensure that her insurance company would cover that which they were supposed to cover but were trying to avoid. Her testimony was key in my selection of Dr. Morales as my dentist once I established myself in Miami. I have now seen Dr. Morales for over twelve years; I must say that I was lucky to find him. His work is synonymous with care and quality in every respect—from taking you promptly on your scheduled appointment time to ensuring that one understands the alternative available to achieve excellent dental health.

I would be remiss not to comment about his ability to listen and ensure he understands what worries the patient and what the patient’s objectives are. It is important that I mention that I have always felt Dr. Morales’ office has treated me in an ethical manner. Including service received and fees charged for the same. I have always felt that having work done by Dr. Morales was one of the best investments I could make.

In closing I should also point out that his ‘bedside manners’ are superb, treating the patient with respect and giving each patient the best of himself and his staff."

Judge J. Daniel Dowell - Coral Gables, FL
"I have been a Miami resident for nearly 25 years. Nearly two decades ago, not satisfied with the dentist I was using I switched to Dr. Richard Morales. I was aware that he was a graduate from the University of Florida and he established his practice in Coral Gables. I was immediately impressed with the thorough care in the services performed. He has cleaned my teeth, filled new cavities, replaced old fillings, taken a mold of my bite to prepare a mouth guard to wear at night to avoid grinding of my teeth during sleep and recognized some recession of gun tissue that required special treatment and care that has allowed me to keep from possibly losing my lower teeth. All five of my children have or still see Dr. Morales regularly. Three of my children are now adults and live outside of Miami but they continue to use his dental services whenever they are back in Miami for visits.

Finally, Dr. Morales’ entire staff are pleasant, courteous and professional. His hygienist performs deep cleanings to keep my gums strong and 50 plus years of going to the dentist never had a cleaning experience than she provides. His receptionist works directly with my insurance company completing the paperwork on my behalf saving me time from that task. I have the highest regard and respect for Dr. Morales and his entire staff and services performed and will continue using them for my dental needs."

Mary Dahl - Miami, FL
June 22nd, 2015
"Dr. Morales has been my dentist for 7 years, and I can say that he truly has been a godsend. I have suffered for quite a while with TMJ issues, and he has helped me immensely to overcome my pain and daily discomfort. He is the ONLY dentist that has treated me with TOTAL gentleness and patience. He is honest and only does what is necessary. Any time that an issue has arised, he personally has returned my calls, even on weekends. His hands are always gentle and he talks you through any procedure, making worries or concerns resolved. Crowns, Veneers are one of his best attributes, as well as routine procedures. Whenever you leave his office, you leave with t true smile on your face."

Rafael De Guzman - Coral Gables, FL
June 7th, 2015
"16 years ago, my wife and I returned to the United States, taking up residence in Coral Gables, Florida. One of our first “to-do’s” was to find a dentist. We were lucky to entrust our dental health to Dr. Morales. At that time his office was on Miracle Mile and a pleasant walk from our home. Over the years, we have followed Dr. Morales as he moved to increasingly comfortable offices, first to Red Road and then to South Dixie Highway. Offices may have changed, but the excellent care, state of the art equipment, attention to detail, concern for patient comfort and wonderful follow-up have remained constant.

Dr. Morales and his team are unrivaled in their professionalism, courtesy and capacity to make me feel at home. I love going to my dentist!"

Sarala (Sarita) Dee
"I have always been phobic about dentists, and recently had some very bad and expensive experiences after moving to So Florida. Dr. Morales took the time to listen to my history, and my fears. He did one of the most comprehensive examinations that I have ever had by any Dental practitioner. Dr. Morales then suggested a step by step approach to managing my complicated problem, evaluating the whole mouth issue. At my next visit, he reviewed with me his conclusions about my case using models that he had formed at my first visit. Dr. Morales made sure that I understood what the issues were, and how he intended to slowly approach them to regain a healthy mouth. I have never felt more confident working with a dentist before. Over time, taking small steps we are working towards a resolution. Dr. Morales is empathetic, methodical, comprehensive, conservative, caring, attentive, and approachable. He follows up with his patients after restorative dental work by text/phone. The staff at Dr. Morales’ office is excellent: personal, attentive, and efficient."

Tim Bickley - Miami, FL
"My name is Tim Bickley and I’m very please to write a testimonial regarding my Dental Implant experience with Dr. Morales and the University Dental Group staff.

I was missing my two right bottom teeth due to several reasons, one was a damaged bridge I had been wearing for years and the other was a cracked molar. Therefore I decided to have the cracked tooth pulled and removed the old bridge which left a large gap. I was embarrassed to know that I had this large gap in the back of my mouth, and I was not convinced about getting another bridge or a dental implant. I’m so glad I decided upon the implant, as it has helped boost my self-esteem, improved my oral hygiene, and simply makes me feel good about myself. I’m no longer ashamed to smile, and my teeth look perfect and natural. I no longer have to clean under my bridge or worry about bad breath, or the health of my teeth. Dr. Morales and his team at University Dental did my implant procedure. They were extremely patient and helpful with all of my questions about the procedure and very knowledgeable. They explained every step of the procedure along the way, which made me feel very comfortable. The University Dental Group is professional, unlike others with whom I consulted, where I felt like they were more concerned with making a ‘sell’ and not me as a patient. Dr. Morales and his team are competent, professional, and most important, caring. I highly recommend Dr. Morales and the University Dental team for any dental work, as I am a very satisfied implant patient."

Valentina P. - Downtown Miami, FL
"The care I received at this office is superior to any I’ve visited in Miami. Within my first visit I knew this office would be my primary dental office. From the receptionist, dental assistant, and the doctor—I felt like a valued patient. This is in comparison to three dentists in a row (only a week apart) who treated me like a number or just another up sell for dental procedures that I didn’t need. I was taken care of in every area in this office and would highly recommend it to my friends and family. This will be my personal primary care center going forward. Thanks."

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