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Dental Technology

Dental Tools help us to better detect and restore damage. At University Dental Group, we offer many tools for your benefit, helping us give you superior service. Our dental team, including Dr. Morales, Dr. Garcia, and Dr. Triana, believe in continued education along with incorporating the newest tools to make your experience exceed your expectations.

Some of our unique tools include:

Itero Digital Scanner

Intraoral Scanner

Itero Element Scanner

We use an IntraOral Camera at our Coral Gables, FL dental office.

Intra-Oral Camera

Different than an x-ray, an intra-oral camera allows us to show patients what we can see using real time video imaging. About the size of a toothbrush, the intra-oral camera projects on a screen right next to their chair. With this tool we can show cracks, fractures, cavities, decay and other problems. We love this tool because it allows our dentists to have a conversation of the work that needs to be done and to discuss the patient's options. Educating our patients is a vital part of the oral healthcare process.

Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays have been a great addition to dental technology. Fast, easy, and convenient are all terms that apply with the switch to digital. We can also add the most important term, and this, safe. x-rays have always been the dentist's primary tool when identifying dental problems. Digital x-rays perform the same function as non-digital with many wonderful added bonuses.

Digital x-ray on screen for a Coral Gables resident.

Traditional x-rays allow us to see:

•  Decay that has extended into the pulp or root of the tooth.
•  Cysts that are developing and cause damage to the bone.
•  Tumors or unusual growths, both cancerous and noncancerous.
•  Check on the health of your wisdom teeth or other Impacted teeth.
•  Check on the health and growth of teeth that are still coming in.

Digital x-rays does all of the above with these added benefits:

•  Have instant results, no film development, no wait time.
•  If an image needs to be retaken, it is done immediately.
•  Clear, large, high resolution images that we can zoom in and out on specific areas of interest.
•  Images are seen on a large screen right next to your chair, vs. the 2 inch dental slides of the past.
•  The ability to save images on your profile in our computer, no slides slipping around in a file.
•  The ability to email images to other dentists or specialists when needed to better communicate with them.
•  Significantly less exposure to radiation, about ⅕
•  the radiation exposure.

The advancement of Digital radiography has been a great enhancement in dentistry. This tool allows us to better interact with the patient making communication between the patient and doctor more clear.

UltraSonic Scaler

An Ultrasonic scaler like the one the dentist uses in our dental office.Ultrasonic refers to a high frequency vibration. At University Dental Group, we use this vibrating tool, along with water and an antimicrobial liquid called chlorhexidine, to create oxygenated bubbles, giving you a safe tool to remove bacteria and eliminate infection. Ultrasonic scalers are used for most adult dental cleanings.

Ultrasonic Scalers help break down plaque and hardened calculus on the surface of your teeth and in hard to reach areas without damaging the enamel. If not removed, plaque and calculus lead to an infection of the gums known as gingivitis or periodontal disease. Once most of the bacteria is cleared away, our hygienist will then use a thin tip to better navigate in the periodontal pockets helping you maintain optimal gingival health. The cleaning process involving an ultrasonic scaler is faster, less painful, and more through than manual scaling, making your visit more comfortable.

For more information on the dental tools we use, or if you are searching for a specific tool or technique, contact one of our dentists:

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