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When Does a Tooth Really Need a Root Canal?

Posted on 1/15/2017 by Richard Morales
An elderly woman receiving a root canal.
Pain in your teeth almost always indicative of a problem. If you have been experiencing issues with a single tooth, one frequent solution is a root canal, a treatment that aids an inflamed, infected or injured tooth.

A root canal removes the damaged or dead pulp and root of the affected tooth, cleans the empty space and fills it, sealing it with a crown.

This helps you to keep your tooth, rather than pulling it. Here's how to know if a root canal is really the treatment you need.

Pain isn't always an indication that you need a root canal, sometimes a root canal can be required and you haven't suffered any symptoms at all. It's the type of pain that will tell you if you need a root canal. It can range from dull to sharp, and may throb. It also may get worse or better as you change position, for example from sitting to lying down.

Pain may also be triggered by a certain event, such as biting down. It can also be affected by heat or cold, but rather than going away when the stimulus is removed, it lingers.

Your gums may also show signs of infection around the affected tooth. You might notice a redness near the tooth or even feel a bump. You may also see a fistula, which has the appearance of a pimple. A fistula is actually where an infection in the tooth's root has begun to drain. Fistulas can cause a bad taste in your mouth.

Darkened Tooth

A dark tooth is often a sign of an issue. It may have been caused by trauma and can show up several years after the accident occurred. No matter when it appears, a darkened tooth is a sign that the pulp in the tooth has been damaged.


You might not ever notice any signs or symptoms that would indicate the need for a root canal. This is where dental X-rays come into play. X-rays can show signs of tooth decay that might have otherwise gone unnoticed and can show under the gums. A dark spot located at the tip of a tooth's root can frequently indicate that there has been an infection and a root canal may be required.

Infections in your teeth and gums can lead to a significant number of serious health issues if left untreated. If you think your tooth pain is in need of a root canal, Contact our office right away to make an appointment.

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