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The Five Worst Items for Your Teeth

Posted on 10/25/2016 by Richard Morales
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There are some things that are not good for your teeth, and then there are things that are downright dangerous for your teeth. For those who like to snack when their sweet tooth hits, this list could be a cause for alarm.

The same goes for those who drink acidic drinks as their main source of beverages. Here are five things that you should keep out of your mouth at all costs, if you can.

Five Items You Never Want to Put in Your Mouth

The first food you want to keep out of your mouth is hard candy. This can even include hard, sweet medications like cough drops.

The more you eat these, the more demineralization your teeth experience, and the higher your rates of tooth decay become.

Next, you should avoid anything super sticky. This can be dried fruits or gummy types of candy. The sticky parts get stuck to your teeth and quickly decay them because they are hard to remove.

The third item that you should never have in your mouth is a sports drink. These drinks are worse for your mouth than colas, and can very quickly erode the enamel of your teeth.

Fourth, you should be avoiding sour citrus fruits. This includes lemons and grapefruits, although oranges should only be had in moderation. The same problem exists for these as sports drinks, in the damage the acid can do.

Finally, you should avoid super sugary drinks like sodas and some fruit juices. The more sugar you can avoid going in your mouth, the better. Each bit of sugar could lead to higher rates of tooth decay.

If these items are a part of your regular diet, Contact our office soon. The longer these items are left on your teeth, the more damage they are capable of doing.

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