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My Teeth Feel...Different...

Posted on 9/25/2016 by Richard Morales
A woman suffering from jaw pain.It's important that you listen to your body. We know, you've heard that a million times now, but people keep saying it because it's true! Consider your mouth. When things change in your mouth you realize it pretty darn quick.

Think of the last time you were eating popcorn at a movie theater. As soon as that popcorn kernel works its way between your teeth, you know! It's just a tiny little popcorn kernel and it feels like you have a rock in your teeth. That's because your mouth is very sensitive to change.

Think about the way your teeth fit together, like a big puzzle, one side having all the indents and peaks to perfectly fit the opposing side. When something moves a tooth a little bit in one direction or another, its often very noticeable.

Jaw Aches and Pains

When things shift around in your mouth and your bite changes, often that change is followed by jaw pain.

What happens when your teeth don't fit together correctly is your jaw doesn't end up resting in a comfortable position so it's constantly trying find a resting place that feels good.

This means that it does a lot of work to move into a comfortable position that it can't find because that position doesn't exist anymore.

Common Causes

Changes in bite can occur for a number of reasons. Most common causes are, growths in the mouth (cysts/tumors), decay, tooth loss. Trauma is also a common cause of changes in bite.

The Quicker We can Look at it, the Better

When you notice that your bite has changed, or of you experience discomfort in your jaw please contact us at 305-661-8240 and schedule and appointment to be seen. We can figure out what the issue is and maybe even treat it same-day.

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