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Four Tips for a More Social Smile

Posted on 4/17/2016 by Richard Morales
A woman happy with her bright white new smile.Humans are social beings, and we interact with people daily at home, work, and on the street. Since we are constantly engaged in social interactions, it is important that are smiles are always ready. By following a few simple steps, your smile will be more social.

Treat Your Bad Breath

One of the biggest turnoffs in a social situation is bad breath. No one wants to speak to someone that has a terrible aroma seeping out of his or her mouth. Use gum, mouthwash, and good oral health habits to try and fend off bad breath before it starts.

Keep Your Fingers Out of Your Mouth

Habits, like picking at your teeth and biting your nails, are unhygienic and not very attractive. You likely won't be washing your hands right after you put them in your mouth, meaning you will be spreading germs when you touch other objects. This can create illness for the people around you, so do yourself and others a favor, keep your hands where they belong.

Keep Floss Handy

Have you ever been speaking to someone who had a big piece of food stuck in their teeth? Was it possible to concentrate on anything else other than that? It can be extremely difficult to listen to what someone is saying with this major distraction. Fortunately, there is an easy fix as long as you always have a package of floss on you. Make sure that you make use of it every time that you have a meal or a snack.

Stop with the Strange Noises
Many people are guilty of making annoying mouth noises, such as chattering or sucking on the teeth. These sounds are irritating to the people that are around you, and they could be extremely distracting depending on your environment. You'll have pleasant smile if you eliminate these rude behaviors.

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