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Are You Sacrificing Your Oral Health with Your Netflix Binging?

added on: September 3, 2021

We’re all guilty of doing it – you check out a new show on Netflix, and before you know it, you are on the fifth episode and the entire afternoon has passed. It’s no big deal, as you deserve a chance to relax, but have you ever considered how these marathon sessions might be affecting your smile?


One of the primary ways that binge-watching an entire season of Breaking Bad can harm your teeth is that if often involves snacking. You may grab a bag of chips when you sit down to watch an episode, and before you know it, you are three episodes in and have eaten the entire bag.

You didn’t intend to watch – or eat – that much, it just kind of happened. Unfortunately, there aren’t any commercial breaks to divert your attention and give yourself a chance to get up and clean your teeth, so you will be leaving these bacteria on your teeth for extended periods of time.


Your Netflix binge can be especially problematic for your teeth if you decide to binge right before bed. Perhaps you’ve had a snack and watched a few episodes only to realize what time it is and call it a night – all while forgetting to brush your teeth.

Binge watching will break you out of your normal routine, and if you aren’t ending your night with brushing and flossing, you’ll be putting your oral health at risk of developing gum disease or cavities.

You don’t have to give up your Netflix binges, but you should make sure that you are keeping your dental health needs in mind. Take a break between episodes to brush your teeth if you are flossing, and alternate your beverages with water to make sure your mouth is rinsed out. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy your new favorite show without jeopardizing the health of your teeth.

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