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Fun Facts About Your Teeth

Posted on 2/25/2017 by Richard Morales
A woman happy with her beautiful new smile.
Teeth are a lot more interesting than most people think. They are not just there to chew with and look good when you smile. They are actually very important to your overall health. Here are a few interesting facts that you may, or may not know about teeth. See which ones are new news to you!

How Many of These Facts Did You Know?
Did you know that the hardest substance within your body, is not bone, but instead, the enamel of your teeth? It is the hardest substance in any body, including the ivory from an elephant or rhino.

40% of the surface of your teeth is where you can't brush? That's right, it is between your teeth, which is where the necessity of flossing comes in.
The average adult only brushes for 48 seconds at a time. Dentists want adults to brush for at least a solid two minutes, which is more than double the national average.

A tooth that gets knocked out doesn't even begin to die for 15 minutes. However, if you put it in a container with your saliva or cool milk, that 15 minutes gets extended, increasing the chances you can have it put back in.

More people end up choking on an annual basis on a toothpick, than those who choke on food. If you use a toothpick, make sure as soon as you are done, you throw it out!

Did you know any of these fun facts before now? If you want to know more about teeth, contact our office. They went to school for a long time to be able to help you keep your smile both beautiful and healthy. Find out from them what the most interesting facts about teeth really are. They can teach you a lot!

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