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Learning the Facts About Dental Fluoride

Posted on 11/13/2016 by Richard Morales
A piece of fluorinated toothpaste on a toothbrush.
A lot of people talk about the benefits of fluoride, but not everyone explains why it is beneficial. If you aren't sure why people want to have fluoride on their teeth, it is because fluoride helps to protect your teeth against tooth decay.

It is one of the most effective deterrents of tooth decay according to most published research. However, do you know why it helps to protect your teeth?

What Fluoride Does to Protect Your Teeth

Fluoride treatments often start when children are little. This is because as a child grows, the fluoride they take in mixes with the natural enamel that coats teeth. The more fluoride a child gets, the stronger their teeth are against decay. However, fluoride treatments are not only effective for children.

As an adult, you can still benefit from getting a fluoride treatment. The fluoride protects the enamel in your mouth by combining forces with your mouth's saliva to battle plaque and the sugars you eat. Sugars turn into acids that erode your teeth, and fluoride acts like a barrier on the outside of your enamel to keep erosion at bay, or minimized.

When your dentist suggests that you get a fluoride treatment, it is meant to help protect your oral health and keep tooth decay away from your teeth. It is your dentist's job to keep your mouth healthy and safe, so they are going to suggest whatever they feel is best suited to do just that.

If you have not had a fluoride treatment in the last year, talk to your dentist about getting one. Not everyone needs them, but nearly everyone can benefit from getting one. Contact us today to see about getting an extra layer of protection added to your mouth today!

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